Marci, San Diego

"The culinary tour to Japan with Tanpopo Studio was amazing! The diversity of events, food and accommodations was a great experience and it never felt rushed or like we were on a timeline or for that matter on a tour. Koshiki’s insight to the culture, flexibility, assistance with translations and recommendations added to the experience. I’m not sure that I had a favorite memory, as it was all so interesting: going to the Tsukiji fish market; making sushi and soba; the monastery, Ryokan and private Japanese farmhouse stays; soaking in the baths; sake tasting; the exquisite meals, … etc. I saw, learned and experienced a lot on this trip and now, have a broader knowledge and appreciation of the Japanese cuisine, culture and of the country. Thank you, Koshiki!"

Patel Family, England

"Thank you so much for the wonderful trip you put together – it’s only as we have started to go through the photos we have realized just how special the trip was and how much we managed to do. A highlight was the temple and the gardens in Kanazawa – the pictures do not look real. "

customer testimonial

customer testimonial

Josh and Susan, Minneapolis

“Being in Japan with Koshiki and Ben was more than amazing: incredibly knowledgeable, articulate, well-organized and fun tour guides in a country that is so modern yet so ancient and culturally different was a once in a lifetime experience. Spending a day at Tsukiji Market, complete with a sushi making class was the highlight for us. Take a very foreign, intriguing culture, add amazing food, a ton of history and great travel – and you get a TanpopoStudio tour to Japan!”

Avery, Colorado

"There are many ways to approach visiting Japan, but if you are into food, this is the way to go. As with any travel, figuring out what is actually authentic and local can be a challenge, but with TanpopoStudio, this is taken care of. Every planned meal on the trip is about as authentic as one can get, and is delicious. The low key, fun and chill vibe throughout the trip, aided in part by and excellent translator, makes exploring Japan effortless and fulfilling. I cannot recommend this tour enough, it is a sure way to gain perspective on how food is sourced, presented, and enjoyed. "

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Elizabeth, St. Paul

"Our tour with Tanpopo Studios was excellent. It brought together the modern, urban and the rural, traditional in a skilled and intimate way. I chose this tour because we so loved their restaurant - to me it was Japanese 'comfort food'. While the restaurant exists no more, others can still experience all that was so special about it through Tanpopo Studio tours. Travel with Koshiki and Ben is a lot like dining at their restaurant was - comfortable, relaxed, interesting, and incredibly delicious. I felt like I was traveling with an old friend, one who knew all the best places. It was a really special trip, and I plan to go again."

customer testimonial

Cathy & Marc, Minnesota

“Over the past week I thought a lot about our tip and realized how less stressful it was compared to previous travels. As a guide you were so organized, knowledgeable and thoughtful. In addition, we thoroughly enjoyed your company and the many conversations over meals—that adds an extra dimension to our travels. Meeting your brother and seeing his work also added to that experience.”