TanpopoStudio Privacy Policy

At TanpopoStudio LLC, we are dedicated to protecting your data and privacy. We believe in transparency and commitment to safeguarding personal privacy.

Below describes the source of information and types of personal data we collect and receive when you use our website. We believe by making this transparent, you can make informed decisions about personal data and information when you visit our website and other social media sites linked to our company website.

Where does TanpopoStudio LLC receive your personal information from?

Company website, emails and phone conversations
Google Analytics (IP address, device, location data)
Mailchimp (newsletter)
Social media linked to tanpopostudio.com (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube)

Note: please refer to each company’s privacy policy for its contents and details.

Google Analytics

What information does TanpopoStudio LLC collect and receive from you?
Name, email address, phone number, postal address.

Following ONLY applies to those who book trips with TanpopoStuido LLC:
Passport information (passport #, citizenship, birthplace, full name, date of birth)
Credit card information for those paying by credit cards
Health information, if applicable
Dietary information, if applicable