Tanpopo Studio April Update

japanese laquerware bowls

I recently had a chance to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) for its Hard Bodies: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer Sculpture exhibits.You might be familiar with Japanese lacquerware. It’a a traditional craft where artisans coat kitchenware, decorative boxes, dressers and such to enhance wood’s durability as well as to showcase one’s artistic talent and craftsmanship.  The artwork at Mia showcased 16 young artist who took the traditional lacquer craftsmanship to demonstrate how the old can be new, past can be present.

At Tanpopo Studio, we put emphasis on preserving tradition and culture.  Throughout our tours and workshops, we focus on where things come from and how things are made.

If you are not joining our spring or summer tour, please consider joining  our culinary journey this October where we will spend a beautiful fall afternoon in Kiso – a historical preservation town known for Japanese Lacquerware. Help preserve this traditional craft by sharing your experiences with others.

Here is what is happening with Tanpopo Studio this month.

Tanpopo Studio Monthly Meetup

This month’s meetup is scheduled for April 30th from 7-8pm at Quixotic Coffee Shop in Highland Park, Saint Paul.
The topic this month is Japanese Whisky and our recent trip to Hakushu Distillery in Yamanashi Prefecture.  All are welcome.

It is free, but space is limited.  Please send us an email if you are interested in attending.

Also, there also will be an Art Tour Exploratory Meet up with Wet Paint scheduled on May 11, from 6:30-7:30 pm.  We’ll have more information on this exciting meet up in our May newsletter.  Stay tuned!

Upcoming Tours to Japan

September – October  Culinary Tour of Japan

October marks the beginning of harvest season and this is a great time to visit Japan.
Enjoy a fall walk in Kiso Valley, relax in hot spring and savor a regional Kaiseki dinner.

We have added more tours for 2019.

Classes and Workshops

Artist in the Kitchen!
April 21-23

Ramen Know How
April 24th at 6pm at Cooks of Crocus Hills, St. Paul

Grand Night Out
April 28th at 6pm at Cooks of Crocus Hills, St. Paul

Happy Travels,
Koshiki and Benjamin Smith

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